How to Secure Your Wordpress Site

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You are not alone Online, security is a great challenge for your site. With these few tips you can enhance your Wordpress site security. Update Keep your wordpress site fully updated which includes, wordpress core, themes and plugins. Most of the time your web host makes all core updates available as soon as they are available. To Update Your WordPress Website log-in to your WordPress admin panel and click Updates from the Dashboard and follow the on-screen instructions to update your WordPress website. Secure your computer you are using to work on your Wordpress site using an Anti-Virus. An unsecured system give away access to your WordPress site while you're logged in, or from your saved browser passwords to an attacker.

wpsecuritylockMaintain Good Password Security, a good password will have a mix of lower and upper-case characters, numbers, and punctuation marks, and should be at least 6 characters long. Unfortunately, passwords like this are often hard to remember and result in people writing them down. Do not write your passwords down!. Make sure it's hard to guess, not shared with anybody, and changed frequently. Experts recommend changing your password every 90 days to prevent attackers from accessing your site by repeatedly guessing your password.

Don't compromise on investing some extra money in Security services and bring extra security to your site. There are several services available that look for changes and known vulnerabilities in your site on a regular basis. Most of the web hosts provides security solutions, reach out your host and seek advice on the security services that you can incorporate to enhance security to protect your site and valuable information.

Buying an SSL certificate will always be a great idea which can help you configure WordPress to log in and use your administration page over https protecting your password and admin session from eavesdroppers on your network.

Backup and Restore Your WordPress Website, make a backup of your site when in good and clean state so that you can bring it back by restoring it if attacked. Click Here to learn more about one click complete backup solution for wordpress.

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