How to Find Backgroundless Images

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Plenty of times we digg the internet to find that very suitable image for our articles, but the background that is carried along with the image makes us cry. Specially if you don't know how to edit image and remove the background, you may end up on that very tight corner forcing you to use that image with that unwanted background. 

Backgroundless images

Don't panic if you're in such situation, I've you covered. Here is a quick tip on how to find images without a background on Google. 

  1. Launch google and search for the image of your choice
  2. Now select the search tools button and click on Color Menu
  3. Selectt Transparent from the drop-down.

You shall now have all the images without a background. is't that simple.

Here is a link [] that would take you to Google searching for images without a background. We've used "buildings" as search string, you may change it to suit your needs.

Find it helpful, drop a line and share it forward to help others. Have a nice day.

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