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non www to www 03When we build websites to serve our users, our aim is simple that is to keep the site simple. Now most often our users type the address of the website sometimes with www. and sometimes without www.

Now, why in the world would someone not type www and try visit a website. Well, you cannot blame users for that and look up for a solution to keep our users who come in to the site without typing in the www prefix with the URL. 

Our focus should always be around the users and keep the site navigation friendly. Asking our users of forcing hem to enter prefix with our site is not a solution, since not every user is going to follow the guideline. Instead we will have a solution implemented to handle the users who do not prefix www.

There are loads of articles that talk about how to achieve a successful redirection of non-www URL to www URL. I have seen too many complicated steps involved in to implement a simple solution.

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Plenty of times we digg the internet to find that very suitable image for our articles, but the background that is carried along with the image makes us cry. Specially if you don't know how to edit image and remove the background, you may end up on that very tight corner forcing you to use that image with that unwanted background. 

Backgroundless images

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