Top 5 Forum Extensions for Joomla

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Top 5 Forum Extensions for Joomla helps you to locate the most popular forum extensions of Joomla. While building a forum for your website, it is vital that you understand what you will get out of that extension you are going to use to build your forum. The Joomla forums extensions listed here have great feedbacks and reviews on Joomla community and has plenty of options for you to get started and build your own forum with great features.


The best forum extension for Joomla is KUNENA Forums. This is by far the most popular and highly used forum extension. Is greatly supported by a large community and is free with bundles of features leaving you with clean hands without having them to put into any kind of hacking or bridging to start your work. Learn More and Download


This is one of my favorite in paid extensions which has a wide variety of features and will help you build a forum or a question and answer community on your website very easily. Be it a specific topic or are a lengthy discussion on any subject, easy discuss will help you get things done quickly. It has all the major features that are required to build a professional forum with amazing administration features for you to handle your users’, forum posts, or anything that goes along with a forum. It will cost you roughly $79 to get a license for 12 months of support and updates. But this investment is going to be a valuable and a sensible decision if you make it. What’s more, in case you decide not to use it you will get your money back within 30 days no questions asked. Give it a try today and let me know your reviews. Learn More and Download


Cobalt is not just a forum extension, you can build almost anything from at ranging from blog, support desk, private ticket system, forum, real estate, Auto Market, job board, you name it. It is a complete solution which comes with heavy features of CCK (content construction kit). This free extension shall help you build a great looking forum with stunning features very quickly. The support is great, they usually respond within few hours. Give it a try and share your review. Learn More and Download


The next forum extension our list is CJ forums. This boy is pretty handy but comes with a price and is not a free extension. Although you might end up paying $60 for this extension, you may find it a worthy investment. Don’t simply take my world give it a try today and you will realize how powerful this forum extension is. Learn More and Download


The last one on the list is Chrono Forums, this one is very flexible and a powerful forum extension that has come up with a variety of features. If you are planning to build something nice and quick this should be your choice. Although there are certain features that you might not find here which may be available in KUNENA, however, that does not set this Extension any lesser than its competitor. The best part for this one is it is free. Learn More and Download


But before you try commercial extension, I highly recommend that you try the free ones first and get a hang of it. You never know you may have all that you want in a free forum extension. My recommended free forum extension is KUNENA and EASYDISCUSS if you are selecting a paid extension.

Let me know which one you are going to use and what is your output and how far you have enjoyed by adding your comments below.