Joomla 3.4.4 Released | Update Your Joomla Site Now!!!

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Joomla 3.4.4 has been released which is a security release. Joomla Team highly recommends all the Joomla Website owners to update quickly to this newer version of Joomla.

What is new in 3.4.4

Version 3.4.4 also addresses the followinf issues:

  • en-GB language cleanup
  • MSSQL and PostgresSQL Joomla installation fixes
  • jQuery, HTML5Shiv and CodeMirror updates
  • Finished implementing the Joomla! codestyle rules
  • List of all Joomla 3.4.x issues reported over GITHub has been fixed.
Security Issues Fixed
  • Low Priority – Core – XSS Vulnerability.

Refer this link for known issues with the 3.4.4 release on the Joomla documentation site.

Overview of the Changes in Menus

Before Update to Joomla 3.4.4

After Update to Joomla 3.4.4

Start here Start here
Latest Version Check Latest Version Check
License License
Glossary Glossary
Article Manager: Articles Articles
Article Manager: Articles – New/Edit Articles: Categories
Article Manager: Categories Articles: Categories – New/Edit
Article Manager: Categories – New/Edit Articles: Featured
Article Manager: Featured Articles Articles: New/Edit
Banner Manager: Banners Banners
Banner Manager: Banners – New/Edit Banners: Categories
Banner Manager: Categories Banners: Categories – New/Edit
Banner Manager: Categories – New/Edit Banners: Clients
Banner Manager: Clients Banners: Clients – New/Edit
Banner Manager: Clients – New/Edit Banners: New/Edit
Banner Manager: Tracks Banners: Tracks
Cache Manager: Clear Cache Cache: Clear Cache
Cache Manager: Purge Expired Cache Cache: Clear Expired Cache
Contact Manager: Categories Contacts
Contact Manager: Categories – New/Edit Contacts: Categories
Contact Manager: Contacts Contacts: Categories – New/Edit
Contact Manager: Contacts – New/Edit Contacts: New/Edit
Extension Manager: Check Database Extensions: Check Database
Extension Manager: Discover Extensions: Discover
Extension Manager: Install Extensions: Install
Extension Manager: Manage Extensions: Manage
Extension Manager: Update Extensions: Update
Extension Manager: Warnings Extensions: Warnings
Global Check-in Global Check-in
Global Configuration Global Configuration
Joomla Update Joomla Update
Language Manager – New/Edit Languages: Content
Language Manager: Content Languages Languages: Installed
Language Manager: Installed Languages Languages: New/Edit
Language Manager: Language Overrides Languages: Overrides
Language Manager: Language Overrides – New/Edit Languages: Overrides – New/Edit
Mass Mail Users Mass Mail Users
Media Manager Media
Menu Item Manager Menu: Items
Menu Item Manager – New/Edit Menu: Items New/Edit
Menu Manager Menus
Menu Manager – New/Edit Menus: New/Edit
Module Manager Modules
Module Manager – Edit Modules: Edit
News Feeds Manager: Categories News Feeds
News Feeds Manager: Categories – New/Edit News Feeds: Categories
News Feeds Manager: Feeds News Feeds: Categories – New/Edit
News Feeds Manager: Feeds – New/Edit News Feeds: New/Edit
Plugin Manager: Plugins Plugins
Plugin Manager: Plugins – New/Edit Plugins: New/Edit
Post-Installation Messages Post-Installation Messages
Private Messages: Inbox Private Messages: Inbox
Private Messages: Read Private Messages: Read
Private Messages: Write Private Messages: Write
Redirect Manager: Links Redirect: Links
Redirect Manager: Links – New/Edit Redirect: Links – New/Edit
Search Manager Search
Smart Search: Manage Content Maps Smart Search: Content Maps
Smart Search: Manage Indexed Content Smart Search: Filters – New/Edit
Smart Search: Manage Search Filters Smart Search: Indexed Content
Smart Search: Search Filters – New/Edit Smart Search: Search Filters
Start Here Start Here
System Information System Information
Tags Manager: Tags Tags
Tags Manager: Tags – New/Edit Tags: New/Edit
Template Manager: Source – Edit Templates
Template Manager: Styles Templates: Edit
Template Manager: Styles – Edit Templates: Source – Edit
Template Manager: Templates Templates: Styles
Template Manager: Templates – Edit Templates: Styles – Edit
User Manager: Access Levels Users
User Manager: Access Levels – New/Edit Users: Access Levels
User Manager: Debug Users Permissions Users: Access Levels – New/Edit
User Manager: Groups Users: Debug Users Permissions
User Manager: Groups – New/Edit Users: Groups
User Manager: User Notes Users: Groups – New/Edit
User Manager: User Notes – New/Edit Users: New/Edit
User Manager: Users Users: User Notes
User Manager: Users – New/Edit Users: User Notes – New/Edit
Web Links Manager: Categories Web Links
Web Links Manager: Categories – New/Edit Web Links: Categories
Web Links Manager: Web Links Web Links: Categories – New/Edit
Web Links Manager: Web Links – New/Edit Web Links: New/Edit


How to Update your Joomla Site to Joomla 3.4.4

Always backup your Site before performing any kind of maintanence or applying any updates or pacthes. Refer this Article: One Click Backup for Joomla

  • Login to your Joomla Administration and you’ll notice a red ribbon with an alert to Update your Joomla Site.
    • If you do not find it, simply click on Components Menu and Navigate to Joomla Update option
  • Click on Update Now button
  • Now click on Install the Update button
  • Wait for the operation to complete and DO NOT Navigate to Other windows while update is in progress
  • You shall soon see a message that the update has been successfully deployed.

To check whether your site is on Joomla 3.4.4, simply look towards to bottom right side of your screen and you shall noticce the Joomla Version as 3.4.4

If you face any difficulty while updating your Joomla Site to Joomla 3.4.4, drop me a line and I will be happy to help you.

Did you find it helpful? Drop a line and share it forward to help others. Have a nice day.