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Problem Overview

JLIB_APPLICATION_ERROR_COMPONENT_NOT_LOADING error while updating to Joomla 3 website. This has been observed mainly on the sites that are updated from Joomla 3.5 to higher versions such as Joomla 3.6.

Since Joomla 3.6 is out, we have been updating our websites to keep up-to-date. It is highly recommended that you always take a backup of your site before making any kind of changes on your website.

Especially when you are installing version updates for any major changes have deployed, it is highly recommended that you take a full backup of your website.

You may see our article on how to take a full backup of your Joomla website in a single click. Once you take a complete backup of a good working website, you are good to go to update your website.

Here are the quick steps you should consider to fix this problem:


  • Log into the Administrator
  • Go to “Global Configuration”
  • In the “System” tab, look for the “Cache Settings” section.
  • Change “Cache” to “ON – Progressive caching”
  • Change “Cache Handler” to “File”
  • Click “Save”

Quick overview

While this is not yet fully detected as to why it is happening we hope that this will be completely fixed in the future versions of Joomla.

If you face any difficulty while deploying this fix, drop me a line and I will be happy to help you.

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