Bistro Icons Cheatsheet

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There are several ways you can make use of the Bistro Icons Set. Here is a quick cheat sheet for Bistro Fonts. Please note, I did not do any search over the web to get you this. It is already there in your code files if you look deeper. However, I wanted to make it easy for you to get around and get going quickly. Use the cheat sheet outlined below and make your website more appealing.

ICON Name Code
Appetizer [sb-bistro-appetizer]
Apple [sb-bistro-apple]
Apron [sb-bistro-apron]
Behance [sb-bistro-behance]
Blender [sb-bistro-blender]
Bowl [sb-bistro-bowl]
Burger [sb-bistro-burger]
Cake [sb-bistro-cake]
Carrot [sb-bistro-carrot]
Chef Hat [sb-bistro-chef-hat]
Chicken 1 [sb-bistro-chicken-1]
Chicken [sb-bistro-chicken]
Clock [sb-bistro-clock]
Coffee [sb-bistro-coffee]
Cone Icecream [sb-bistro-cone-icecream]
Contact [sb-bistro-contact]
Dessert [sb-bistro-dessert]
Dinner [sb-bistro-dinner]
Dribble [sb-bistro-dribble]
drinks [sb-bistro-drinks]
Drumstick [sb-bistro-drumstick]
Egg Bacon [sb-bistro-egg-bacon]
Facebook [sb-bistro-facebook]
Fish 1 [sb-bistro-fish-1]
Fish [sb-bistro-fish]
French Fries [sb-bistro-french-fries]
Fried Egg [sb-bistro-fried-egg]
Fruits [sb-bistro-fruits]
Google Plus [sb-bistro-googleplus]
Hot Pan [sb-bistro-hot-pan]
Hot Dog [sb-bistro-hotdog]
Icecream 1 [sb-bistro-icecream-1]
Icecream 2 [sb-bistro-icecream-2]
Icecream [sb-bistro-icecream]
Instagram [sb-bistro-instagram]
Jackfruit [sb-bistro-jackfruit]
Kettle [sb-bistro-kettle]
Kiwi [sb-bistro-kiwi]
Lemon [sb-bistro-lemon]
Linkedin [sb-bistro-linkedin]
Lunch [sb-bistro-lunch]
Menu [sb-bistro-menu]
Muffin [sb-bistro-muffin]
Offer [sb-bistro-offer]
Pan [sb-bistro-pan]
Pinterest [sb-bistro-pinterest]
Pizza [sb-bistro-pizza]
Popsicle [sb-bistro-popsicle]
Roast leg [sb-bistro-roast-leg]
RSS [sb-bistro-rss]
Saslik [sb-bistro-saslik]
Sausage [sb-bistro-sausage]
Social [sb-bistro-social]
Spoon Plate [sb-bistro-spoon-plate]
Spoons [sb-bistro-spoons]
Steak [sb-bistro-steak]
Stockpot [sb-bistro-stockpot]
Taco [sb-bistro-taco]
Tea [sb-bistro-tea]
Tomato [sb-bistro-tomato]
Twitter [sb-bistro-twitter]
Vimeo [sb-bistro-vimeo]
YouTube [sb-bistro-youtube]