Joomla 3 - How to Change user type in PhpMyAdmin

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How to Change user type under PhpMyAdmin for Joomla 3 or should we say how to change user type through Joomla database. There are times when we fall in a tight situation when the access permission is lost and or changed accidentally. You simply cannot edit/modify/change anything on your Joomla site. Well, you need not worry as there are ways to handle this situation. You can simply get inside the database of your site and deal with it. You can change the user permission / group / role / type through Joomla database.

If you've lost the permissions to your Joomla Admin panel, here are the steps on how to change user roles / group under PhpMyAdmin for your Joomla Site.

  1. Go to PhpMyAdmin (SQL Database) and select the database of your Joomla
  2. Now select the users table and make a note of ID on your username.
  3. Now go to user_groups table and record the ID of Super Users from this Table
  4. Now locate user_usergroup_map table and Edit the User in match with ID of your username.
  5. Change the group_ID value to super user or any other role ID which you just recorded from the user_usergroup_map table.
  6. Click on go button.

Go back to Joomla administration page and verify your access level.

Applies to

  • Applies to Joomla 3.x and above
  • May apply to Joomla 2.x series (I personally did not try).

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