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After using this free CMS Joomla for a while, I've felt so good an delighted. I'm sure, like me, you may have also developed few of your sites using this amazing free CMS Joomla.  I've not just developed websites or provided solutions to my clients using Joomla, I've delivered satisfaction using Joomla. The journey of using Joomla started back in 2009 for me and it was so amazing that I can write loads and loads about it. 

I initially thought of building a site to showcase some articles as a learning material so that others can take advantage and learn new things. With this thought in my head, I started cruising around the web to find a solution to build a website.

I wanted a simple and easy to manage solution with less of coding to make it quick. I also wanted to have a great looking and functioning website. I came across several solutions which offered me great looking websites, but "looks" is not the only thing I wanted, I also needed great performance and strong architecture base to handle the heat of high volume traffic. 

Well, that is when I came across Joomla. I started reading about it and found it great and extraordinarily flexible solution for me. I started to build my site using Joomla 1.5 which was the latest release during 2009. 

First few days, I faced lot of challenges with basic configuration and layouts. I have surfed around the  Joomla Forums and found them really very helpful. There is someone always there for you. But at times, a delay in response causes a panic in head and you really need someone guide you step by step till you find a solution or fix any issue you are facing; well, I happen to be in such a situation for few times and was really lucky to have Peter Van Westen help me to get through some of the tight corners by providing some really helpful tips. 

Slowly, I developed great skills with Joomla development and now I am capable of developing great sites and business solutions using Joomla. 

With all that said, I feel really great and proud to spread a word about Joomla. See that Joomla banner on the right?., yes, that is to show my love for Joomla. You can do it too, just visit Joomla Volunteer site and use the code for banners to embed it in your site.

In case the embed code does not show up or loads in the image properly, simply select the banner using your mouse and copy it from the banners page of Joomla Volunteers and paste it back in your article.

You may also use a custom HTML module to render the banner in a specific module position.

Did you Find it helpful?, drop a line and share it forward to help others. Have a nice day. 

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