Integrate Google Forms with Joomla 3 & 2.5

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Integrate Google Forms with Joomla 3 & 2.5. This article applies to Joomla 3.x and Joomla 2.5. it will also sever previous versions. Some of the extensions will allow you to get creative with forms for your site. But I find Google Forms way too easy and effective to use. Here are the quick steps to integrate Google Forms with Joomla site. 

Google forms are really effective and are highly easy to use. The best part is they are free and are easy to integrate with your Joomla website. The Google forms currently lack of few features, however there is always a way around. You can easily get through some of your creativity.

You may have already tried some of the free extensions present under Joomla Extension Directory. Some of them are really well designed and useful. Most of the form applications carry lag and keep dropping important communications. 

I've personally used several form extensions and found them working improperly. They sometimes make me really happy by delivering the forms in a timely manner that is instantly. But sometimes, they keep missing and drop several communications that are sent via these forms. 

Let me help you with Google Forms Integration, follow the steps listed below to integrate Google Forms with Joomla site:

  • Access Google Forms and Create a form you need [Click Here to access Google Forms]
  • Click on View Live Form in the top menu under Google Forms Console [See image below]google forms 01
  • Copy the Page URL while viewing the live form [See image below]google forms 03
  • Now go to Joomla Administration and create a new Menu Item and select Wrapper >> IFrame Wrapper under menu type selection [See image below]google forms 04
  • Now enter the Live Form URL which you've copied and paste it URL box of the menu configuration and tune other settings to suit your needs.
  • Save the menu and see it in action in the front end of your site.

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