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After a long alliance with Joomla CMS, I decided to switch to WordPress. But it was very unfortunate that it did not meet my expectations and client requirement. So I have no option but to switch back to Joomla. It was too late to even think about that since we have already deployed more than 600 articles. Well now we were really worried about the time it is going to take to have all them posted to Joomla from WordPress. We all love shortcuts, so I started digging up to find a solution to transfer/convert WordPress Posts to Joomla articles along with associated categories. 

Convert Wordpress to Joomla 

I was lucky and blessed to have this JConvert component on my way. I brought it with a very fair price of $19.00. I installed it and started to use it to transfer/convert WordPress Posts to Joomla articles along with associated categories. Guy’s it was so easy to use and transferred all my WordPress Posts to Joomla articles in not more than 15 seconds. WoW, that is what I uttered when it worked that simple.

Here is a quick guide on how to use it:

  • Ideally both Wordpress and Joomla installation (databases) should be on same server since most of the hosting companies block external database access via firewall.
  • Please make sure this is a blank Joomla installation without any sample or previous data.
  • For best results, select all import options at the time of import.
  • If you are importing pages and/or posts, make sure you have selected import categories option as wellotherwise imported posts won't be associated with categories correctly.
  • Set a strong password for users if you are importing users from Wordpress. You can later notify users about their new password using Joomla mass mail option or by some other means.
  • Install JComments first if you are importing comments from Wordpress. Also, you MUST import comments along with posts/pages and categories to ensure comments are correctly associated with posts/pages during import.
  • JConveter imports only database, not the files which might be part of posts/pages (e.g. images etc). That has to be taken care of separately.
  • For importing links from Wordpress database, JConverter creates a link category Blogroll and imports all links from WordPress under it.

If you've any questions feel free to drop a line and I shall revert.

Did you Find it helpful?, drop a line and share it forward to help others. Have a nice day.

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