Build a Website without coding

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Did you know that you can build a website without coding? Yes, you have read it right. You can and build a beautiful website without knowing to code. Let us help you through this article by discussing what is needed for you to begin building a site without coding.

Building with WordPress

The WordPress CMS (content management system) is free for everyone. WordPress is an open source solution that you can use to build websites. Whether you are an expert developer, experienced programmer, or a newbie, you can build with WordPress regardless of the skill level.

Since the time the WordPress was introduced, they have always focused on keeping it simple and easy to use. If you can work on Microsoft Word, you will find WordPress easy to handle. Whether you know the programming or you don’t, you can build on WordPress. WordPress simplified the entire solution in such an elegant manner that even a grandma can build a website using WordPress.

Even a grandma can build a website using WordPress.

Creating and managing websites with WordPress is a simple process. Make sure to select the plugins very carefully for the WordPress website. Few primary plugins that can help in any given site can range from a plugin to:

  1. Create forms
  2. A plugin for backup and
  3. A Plugin for securing your WordPress website.

WordPress CMS is free for everyone

Thanks to open source, the WordPress CMS is 100% free for anyone to use. The primary items that you need to start building on WordPress would be a domain name and a web hosting space.

What is a Domain?

The name of your website is a domain name; example is a domain name for our website.

What is a Hosting Space?

The place where you store WordPress files, media or other content related items on the web is called hosting space. A web hosting company usually provides web Hosting.

The people who have developed WordPress with so much dedication and passion would like to keep it free. They are focused on keeping it open source for anyone who would like to use it.

The WordPress community support is one of the core elements from managing building in updating WordPress on a regular basis. WordPress has provisioned the users with resources to discuss and collaborate. Under these WordPress communities, you can connect to troubleshoot problems, build great Network and share free plugins to improvise their websites.

Worried about design?

Are you worried about the design of your website?. You can put that worry down. WordPress comes with thousands of free themes available for or any user seeking to improve the visual aesthetics of their website. You will also find several premium themes which you can pay for if you are impressed with the design and layouts of that theme.

The theme is usually a component that would help you to change the look and feel of a website with a multitude of options, features, colour variations and layouts. WordPress themes will allow you to enhance the visual appeal of your site. Before selecting any theme, you may consider reading the reviews and taking a look at the ratings the theme has received. With this reviews and ratings, you will have the leverage to make an informed decision before installing it on your WordPress website.

While themes help you to enhance the visual appeal of your website, WordPress plugins will help you to improve the functionality and extend your site to the next level.

Extend your website with plugins

The plugin is a small application that you plug into your WordPress to extend it. Did I keep it simple? Technically, a plugin is an application that can be installed inside your WordPress to extend or add new functionality to your WordPress website.

Plugins are mostly developed and managed by WordPress users. With over 55698 plugins as on Nov/09/2018 in the WordPress library, ranging from plugins to add forms, add a Gallery, translate your website and much more so you have almost everything already available for you to start building your excellent site on WordPress.

Some of the most popular plugins are

Installing and removing plugins from your WordPress is very easy. If you can click with your mouse, you can install a plugin. And if you can click with your mouse again, you can also uninstall a plugin. There are only a few exceptions where you might need extra instructions which are usually provided by the developer of the plugin. Mostly installing and uninstalling a plugin is just a click of a mouse.

Make money with your WordPress website

Did I mention that you can make money with your WordPress website? While you are writing great content, remember you can monetize it and make some excellent money. Google AdSense and affiliate marketing are some of the money-making areas you can start with to monetize your WordPress site. Do you recall a friend or a celebrity talking about a product of Amazon on social media such as Facebook asking you to click on the link they have provided? It is most likely an affiliate marketing attempt. The concept of making money with WordPress does not stop here. Using the WooCommerce an eCommerce plugin of WordPress, you can turn your ordinary website into an online shop.  With WooCommerce you can start selling products and make fantastic money.

The WordPress team is very keen about updating the application frequently. They bring new functionality and enhance the WordPress to keep it more trending and easy to use. The WordPress updates are usually released in every month. Click here to see the list of WordPress versions with their respective dates and release intervals.


In conclusion, I quote from WordPress team “We don’t make software for free, we make it for freedom”. Let us enjoy the freedom of building amazing websites using WordPress. There are plenty of reasons to fall in love with WordPress, and we have discussed a minor part.

Are you still thinking whether to start building using WordPress? You don’t have to spend to begin. You can start building on which provides you with the hosted solution of WordPress. With you can experience the WordPress CMS and see what you can create with WordPress. Read the next article to start making WordPress website without coding.

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