Improving Customer Experience

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There are several approaches that we can aim for in order to test and improve the Customer Experience, however, I always want it to be simple and straightforward. I put it in an easy three-step process cycle, i.e. called CAR (Current Circumstance, Action Plan, Result).

CAR Approach Overview

Current Circumstance: Study the current scenario and plan your goals.

Action Plan: Prepare roadmap and best action plan to achieve the set goals.

Result: Review the output to see if you have met the goals. In case you could not meet all the set Goals, go back to First Step (Current Circumstance) and follow the cycle again.

Current Circumstance:

First, I will begin with creating regular feedback cycles, get on calls with customers, send out surveys and listen to my customers to gain insights on which part of their process requires improvement. This will help me identify sensitive areas from the customers’ perspective.

Action Plan

After diligently collecting meaningful data, I will have the ability to better understand what really matters to my customers and plan better solutions to optimize their experiences. For example, understanding a customer’s browsing pattern can lead to a more clear picture of what the customer truly cares about.


In this step, we shall compare the output with the desired goals. This helps us understand whether we truly achieved the target or missed it. If the goals are met, it is time to celebrate and ensure you maintain the consistency and keep finding more ways of further enhancing the customer experience.

If we missed it for some odd reasons, we shall quickly turn back to step 1 (Current Circumstance) and then perform the full cycle again.


No matter how much experience you have or how perfectly you follow these steps, you will need one basic ingredient to succeed and that is “Consistency”. Do let me know your views about this approach by dropping a comment below.

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