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‘Premature end of script headers’ Apache Error is like a big pain and will leave you with high stress on your head. There are several reasons which may trigger this error.

Here are few helpful tips for you to fix this one. Usually, when executing the scripts we may come across the following error:

Premature end of script headers: /home/directory/public_html/index.php

A Server expects a complete set of HTTP headers, however when it does not get a complete HTTP header, this kind of errors may trigger. Let us take a close look at what all things can fire this error and find ways to deal with it.

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Plenty of times we digg the internet to find that very suitable image for our articles, but the background that is carried along with the image makes us cry. Specially if you don't know how to edit image and remove the background, you may end up on that very tight corner forcing you to use that image with that unwanted background. 

Backgroundless images

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