How to Add Linked Profile Button to Email Signature

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There are 100's of articles and videos talking about how to add Linked Profile Button to your Email signature. It is pretty straight forward. Here I'll show you how to add a Linked Profile Button to your Gmail Signature.

<a href="">
width="160" height="33" border="0" alt="View Syed Hussaini's profile on LinkedIn"> 
  • Let us copy the link [] for the picture only.
  • Now, navigate to GMail settings (Not account, but mail settings)


  • Scroll down and locate Signature area and click on Picture button in signature editor


  • Paste Image URL that you've copied here


  • Click on OK. Select the picture and click on Link option in the signature editor


  • Now, navigate to your LinkedIn Profile and copy the link right below your image in LinkedIn Profile. If you copy your profile URL from the address bar, it would require a person to login to LinkedIn to view your profile, whereas if you copy the link below your picture it would be available publicly and would not require a person to login to LinkedIn to view your profile.


  • Now, paste this URL in the Link box Web Address and click OK


  • Now scroll down and click on "Save & Close" button. 

You shall now have the LinkedIn profile button in your email signature. Send a test mail to yourself and test the link to see if you have implemented it correctly.

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