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Ever wanted to remove the site name from your Joomla site. I know it is sometimes annoying if unwanted. Here is a quick way of how you can achieve this task.

Please Note: We've used Protostart template to perform this activity, you may perform similar steps on the template you're currently using.

Edit the Protostar template by doing the following:

  1. Extensions/Template Manager
  2. Make a copy of the protostar template as a back up
  3. Click on "Templates" on the upper left side menu
  4. Click on "Protostar Details and Files"
  5. Click on "index.php"
  6. Comment out line 26 from 
$sitename = $app->getCfg('sitename');


// $sitename = $app->getCfg('sitename');

Now Save and Close

The sitename shall now dissapear from the front end of your Joomla, incase you do not see the changes, please clean Joomla site cache and refresh the page again. 

Did you Find it helpful?, drop a line and share it forward to help others. Have a nice day.

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